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For those of you who have visited this site in the past, and for those of you who are just coming on, I need to share with you some important things the Lord has been working with me on. I have written a lot of stuff on here and done a lot of videos, that, though the content and doctrine I mostly wouldn’t change, the manner in which I have delivered it  many times is lacking in grace and love. Even in doctrine where I went over the line and judged other Christian’s salvation with my teachings, I have come to see that the Lord’s work is so much bigger than my small understanding, and his love is so much more vast than my small window of truth. I only see through a glass darkly, and I understand that. There are many areas where I have to admit that I may be wrong in, partly or even entirely on some doctrines. I don’t claim to have arrived in those things. I love now to see God’s grace work together with me and a brother or sister to sharpen each other, to correct each other, and to learn things about my beliefs that I shut out from learning before. I want to repent of that attitude, and I want to let you know that the harshness of my words from past teachings do not reflect what the Lord has done with me in the last two to three years. I get more edification now from seeing how the Lord can change, teach, correct, and confirm what we have disagreements on. I don’t have time to change 200 articles and 80 videos right away, so I want you to know that you are seeing where I was in  my isolation and pain over 3 years ago in most of these articles. I was literally by myself, without fellowship, and I was without the love of Christ permeating my writing. I cared more about doctrine than I did about love, grace, and longsuffering. Through a series of heart changing events, some glorious and some more painful than I could seemingly bear, I have come to see where I needed to be changed, where I needed to be broken, and I am so sorry for being a stumbling block to some of you with my arrogance and judgmental attitude. I am not the same man I was three years ago, and I hope that you will see in articles recently that the Lord is working on me and my heart and giving me such a greater capacity to love others. Truth is a sounding gong without love, and without love I profit you nothing. So, even though you may disagree with some of my teaching, I pray that you will see that my heart towards those of you is not one of wanting to fight or show my superior truth. I am more interested in seeing the love of God pass our understanding and lead us into all truth as he promised. Forgiveness, trust, humility, love, kindness-these are the things that the Lord wants to teach us the most, and with these, he is able to show us some of the truth of other doctrines that I used to hold as paramount. I have not thrown my beliefs out-I have just seen that love is the greatest of all of these, that it is the higher law, and that a broken and contrite spirit is what matters to the Lord more than anything else. I am not interested anymore in being controversial for controversy’s sake, though, if my beliefs cause controversy, I just want you to know that that is not my goal. We as Christians can only live in the light that we currently have, and I ask your forgiveness for judging the salvation of those of you who I thought didn’t believe what I did. I did a lot of it in ignorance and isolation from brothers and sisters who I had built a wall from before. But the Lord is greater than our hearts, and his love and forgiveness for us leads us into all truth. He specializes in tearing down those walls we have built and replacing those walls with a love that conquers all our pain.

Greetings brothers, sisters, and friends. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ that you have visited this site. I pray that these articles and books will edify you and build your faith in the Lord and his words. Where I receive my edification and teaching is and should be relevant to you. I am benefitting tremendously in the home church I meet with. I submit myself to other brothers who genuinely care about and edify each other daily, not just once a week in a meeting. We promote Jesus and getting to know him, really knowing him, not just knowing about him, but knowing him by pure worship and by loving our brothers and sisters by taking a genuine interest in their lives and their walk with the Lord. We promote spending time with each other and building each other up in the body of Christ. Scripture states the immense importance of loving our brothers and sisters by saying “He that loveth his brother abideth in the light.” By that act alone, we abide in Christ.

I have written about 180 Bible studies on this site and have included  over 30 articles from friends and other authors as well.  I also have made around 80 ten minute videos. Truth is a very divisive thing, and Jesus’ teaching of it caused division just about everywhere he went. But truth without love will cut without healing. Truth without an equal emphasis on love is not truth. Conversely, love without truth is not love. At the end of the day, if you are willing to forsake man-made traditions no matter how much they may cost you, this site is for you. If the Lord Jesus Christ and the word of God mean more to you than your money, ministry, status, church, tradition, friends, or anything else, then welcome to the place where you will not be bombarded with or sold out to any of those things. This site is about the exaltation of the true Jesus Christ and the true word of God. King Solomon said in Ecclesiastes “…one man among a thousand have I found…” I hope to be one of those men for you. I don’t want your money, your name on my marketing list, or your membership in my organization (I don’t have those anyway). I just want you to learn what the Lord Jesus has shown me.

I want to thank  two of my best friends and brothers in the Lord, Terry Stanley  of Houston, Texas, and Tom Lamb, the “Radical Pilgrim” from New Zealand for their articles on this site and for their  support. It is brothers like Terry and the fellowship with him that make what I do worth it. He has taught me some deep things of God and some simple things of God that are just as profound. His friendship is true and his love for the Lord is pure. Tom’s love for Jesus and the word of God is quite evident. His friendship and edification have greatly strengthened me.

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