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Steven Melvin McCalip was born in Houston, Texas in 1961, a seventh generation Texan. He was born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God in Houston in 1986, having escaped the great darkness of religion that he thought was light. Graduating from Baylor University in 1984, Steven soon afterwards got his teaching certification from the University of Houston.  He then began his first teaching assignment, instructing at the high school level and witnessing the gospel to hundreds of students for several years.

Steven first began serious writing in 1999 after he believed the Lord directed him to do so. In 2001, AMG International published Steven’s first book called Where’d That Come From? Everyday Expressions from the Bible (changed to God’s Catch Phrases on this site). He also has self-published four other books available on this same site: The Most Controversial Book in the World: The Bible, The First Principles of the Oracles of God, Striking Similiarities, and Calvinists’ Last Stand: Romans Chapter 9.

Steven then moved on to teaching adult education at the community college level and obtaining two Master of Education degrees from the University of Houston, one in Administration and one in Counseling.

Steven is married to his darling wife Jana and has five amazingly wonderful gifts from God: Andrew, Jonathan, Samuel, Jacob, and David. His two oldest, Andrew and Jonathan, are studying engineering at Texas A&M University.For the last ten years, Steve has worked as a prison counselor in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice helping inmates obtain education and vocational trades. Steven also teaches study skills at the local community college part-time.

He enjoys assembling with the saints in the home church setting, and Steve is currently meeting with about 14 families in each others’ homes in the Houston area. He loves studying the word of God and witnessing the gospel, watching his sons become men of God, playing a mean game of racquetball, having fun in his game room, and being made completely free from the choking bondage of the religious traditions of men. The truth is in Jesus and his words, and that truth and that love, and not man’s, has made Steven who he is-a joint-heir with Christ and a student of his words.